Gen3 Oval Logo Decals Link to thread

Size 3X5
$2 each

Gen3 Flags Link to thread

$20.00 each which includes shipping.

Show your Gen3 Pride while protecting your neck in the sand dunes. To rip one of these is going to take alot. Flags are approx.....11"X14" Regular atv size flag. Thay are made out of something called "Sport Nylon". VERY durable and water resistant. Also very easy to clean. Flags come with images embroiderd on both sides of it. Here is a close up of the material/stitching that goes into every flag.

Gen3 T-Shirts Link to thread

Many of you expressed some need for a t-shirt, I'm still working on the jersey's and will not let this one go. I'm having a problem finding a jersey that is worth a darn and isn't a P.O.S. so I'm still working on it, but for any of you who would like a t-shirt please submit what you would like in this forum post as im placing a order. We dont have any min. requirement for ordering so if only one of you needs one then let me know. All colors available.

Short sleeve any color size sm- xl is $12.00
xxl is $13.00
xxxl is $14.00

Long Sleeve any color size sm-xl is $$15.00
xxl is $16.00
xxxl is $17.00